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2001 Laserscope Lyra Nd Yag Hair Removal Skin Rejuvenation Vascular Lesions

2004 Diomed 15 Plus Diode Laser EVLT 15W 635-660nm 790-830nm Surgical Vascular

2004 Diomed 15 Plus Diode Laser EVLT 15W 635-660nm 790-830nm Surgical Vascular

2008 LASERING Slim Evolution E30 + MiXto SX 30W Fractional CO2 Laser w/ Scanner

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LASERING Slim Evolution + MiXto SX 30W Fractional CO2 Laser

Ablative Fractional Resurfacing / Scar Reduction / Facial Rejuvenation / Dermal Lesion Removal

Excellent condition!
Fully functional, some cosmetic wear including a crack in the plastic at the top (see photo)

Year: May 2008
Model: E30

System Overview

Slim Evolution II CO2 laser system enhanced with MiXto SX scanner technology is the most fully-developed platform available on the market for skin resurfacing, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle and scar reduction, and dermal lesion removal. Lasering was the first company in the world to apply the fractional concept to a CO2 laser system with micro spots non-sequentially distributed over the tissue following a “Z” algorithm based scan pattern. MiXto SX allows the operator to work in the widest operating range that varies from non-ablation for tissue tightening, soft ablation (toning/tightening) to hard ablation (conventional skin resurfacing) going through countless intermediate steps so that all the patients’ needs and expectations can be satisfied.

Technology and Power

Slim Evolution CO2 laser combines advanced patented technology with delivery of highest energy per pulse. Award winning platform with a complete range of accessories available for multiple aesthetic applications makes the MiXto SX the most versatile system on the market. Proprietary Chopped CW laser mode allows the laser to deliver greater residual thermal damage (RTD) per pulse for superior cosmetic results over short pulsed CO2 laser systems.

Safety and Ease of Use

The MiXto Pro utilizes a proprietary algorithm producing a unique “Z” scan pattern which provides the longest amount of time possible between adjacent spots while filling in a given square area of skin. This patented pattern allows maximum intra-operative cooling of surrounding tissue lowering risk of side effects while maximizing patient comfort. The MiXto Pro is thus able to deposit more heat into tissue than competing technology yet allow practitioners to safely treat all skin types I – VI. Output power (W) and pulse dwell time (ms) are independently adjustable for complete control over vaporization depth and degree of skin tightening for widest range of medical conditions. Quick disconnect scanner hand pieces and user friendly connectors allows for easier change of accessories between patients and for different kinds of treatments.


  • Slim Evolution Laser Workstation
  • MiXto SX Arm
  • Scanner Handpiece
    • 300 µm Scanner Lens
    • Standof Barrel
    • Ring Style Distance Gauge
  • Surgical hand piece
    • Bayonet Distance Gauge
  • Power cord


Laser Types: CO2

Wavelengths: 10,600nm

Max Power: 30W

Part Number: Slim Evolution E30

Serial Number: 040813SEG

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