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MRP Double Classic PRP KIT, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) preparation kit, PRP-92622

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SkinStylus SteriTip Mini Non-Absorbant Soft Thermoplastic Luer Skin Serum Applicators 15pk

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SkinStylus SteriTip Mini - 15 Pack Kit

The SteriTip® Mini is a patented applicator that allows the sterile application of products or PRP to the skin. Using a unique, soft, and non-absorbent medical grade thermoplastic resin projections arranged on a convex array, SteriTip® makes it safe and easy to accurately place products on the skin. Unlike cotton applicators, Steritip® grabs and releases the product without absorbing any of it. Using standard luer lock connectors, SteriTip® can be used with any combination of syringes or cannulas allowing maximum compatibility with virtually all delivery systems.
To use a SteriTip® Mini, simply remove the SteriTip® Mini from the sterile packaging and attach the loaded syringe. Facing the Steritip® up, gently push up on the syringe until you see the product at the top of the SteriTip®.  Invert the SteriTip® and use the soft projections to place the product exactly where you want it and to uniformly spread it onto the skin.
SteriTip Mini Kit Includes:
  • (15) SteriTip Convex Applicators w/ Stands, medical grade thermoplastic resin (TPR)
  • (2) Sterile Syringe Mixing Connectors

* Syringes and cannulas are NOT included with the SteriTip Mini Kit

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