SECRET RF 2.0 Micro-Needle Fractional Radio Frequency System

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Secret RF is well systemized for RF based multi-platform system, creating individual fractional multiple and single thermo-coagulation technologies in one system. This standout multi-function system enables increase treatment efficacy and reliability for various dermatologic conditions including anti-aging, acne, scars and thread vein.

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Key Features   

  • 2MHz micro-motor controlled needle

  • Insulated and non-insulated spaced-microneedles

  • Adjustable needle penetration ranging from 0.5-3.5 mm

  • Minimal discomfort and uniform thermolysis

  • For all skin types

  • Advanced GUI


  • System
  • 1 Handpiece
  • Handpiece Mast Holder
  • Foot Switch
  • Power Cable  
  • User's Manual
  • Clinical Guide
  • Virtual Operator Training
  • 1-Year Warranty

Technical Data 

  • RF Frequency: 2 MHz ± 10%
  • Duration RF emission: 50 ms - 950 ms
  • Adjustable Depth: 0.5 - 3.5 mm
  • Treatment Area: 100mm² and 256mm²
  • Needle Diameter: 0.25mm
  • Max. Power: 70 W ± 10%
  • Electrical Requirements: 110~220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • LCD Screen: 10.4" Touchscreen
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 530mm x 430mm x 1100mm (not mast holder)
  • Weight: 67 Lb