Independent Sales Representatives

Overview of Services

As an independent Sales Professional, running your own business can be both rewarding and challenging. Being independent no longer means just relying on yourself but finding partners you can trust. At Medical Rep Professionals, we understand the demands on time and resources that finding out about new technologies and opportunities presents. As a support and service organization made up of experienced sales professionals, Medical Rep Professionals can help with marketing and branding your business and bring consistency to your sales funnel. With experts in effective B2B and B2C sales strategies standing by to guide you, Find out how Medical Rep Professionals can take your sales to the next level.

Manufacturer Contracting and Product Management:

One of the unique strengths of Medical Rep Professionals that directly benefits our Rep partners is the advantages that the strong relationships we have with the many manufacturers in our nation-wide network. Medical Rep Professionals has the inside track on tried and true aesthetic medical modalities as well as cutting edge technologies that medical professionals are hot to find out more about. Our Partner Model allows you to leverage product experts both on staff and in direct collaboration with manufacturers to provide and your clients the information and rationale to make a purchasing decision. Learn more about what we do at Medical Rep Professionals.

Marketing and Branding

As in independent Sales Professional, key activities like marketing and branding require significant time, specialized resources, focus and discipline. The importance of having a professional website that is frequently updated or a consistent email newsletter regarding promotions is paramount to building a strong sales funnel. Until Medical Rep Professionals, such endeavors were out of reach to most reps due to limited resources and higher short-term priorities such as closing sales. Medical Rep Professionals provides specialized partner websites designed to capture leads, dramatically increase sales, and provide multiple, interconnected communication channels for client communication. We use the latest web technologies coupled with proven marketing layout and design to maximize your web and social media presence. Medical Rep Professionals partner reps have a significant advantage over corporate representatives as well as independent Sales Professionals not enjoying the many benefits offered by Medical Rep Professionals. Click HERE to schedule a no pressure conversation about how Medical Rep Professionals can catapult your online marketing presence to the top.

Inside Sales Support

There is only so many hours in a day and when you are busy talking to one client, another may be leaving a message. Without inside sales support, contact with hot prospects and important clients is delayed, often to the detriment of an impending sale. Medical Rep Professionals provides talented, experienced sales experts that provide a wide range of follow-up and even closing support to your prospects and clients. Medical Rep Professionals Partner Reps can focus on sales knowing they have strong inside sales support to ensure success. Click HERE to learn more about our Inside Sales Support Services.

Back Office Services

Whether you need a reference from a happy customer, a medical director, a repair tech or financing, let Medical Rep Professionals’ network of key ancillary providers and vendors take the guess work and anxiety out of closing the sale. Learn more about what we do at Medical Rep Professionals.


Until now, being an independent Sales Professional meant being on your own with few resources to rely on. As a Medical Rep Professionals Partner, you can still enjoy the benefits of being independent while simultaneously having the support and advantages that come with being a corporate sales employee. Here are some of the Guiding Principles that make Medical Rep Professionals unique:

  • Exclusivity

    At Medical Rep Professionals, we are committed to each partner’s individual success. As such, we limit the number of reps in any one territory while conforming to a formalized registration process. While our Partner Reps still compete with their peers in the marketplace, our Partner Model provides key advantages over reps not affiliated with Medical Rep Professionals.

  • It’s Your Client!

    Are you tired of spending time prospecting and performing demonstrations only to find out that the client bypassed you and purchased directly from the manufacturer? Medical Rep Professionals has strict policies in place to ensure that we are not in direct competition with our Partners. Our Inside Sales Support is designed to help YOU close your customers while providing ancillary support before, during, and after the sale. With Medical Rep Professionals, you don’t have to rely on your good relationship with your customer to ensure you aren’t cut out of the loop. Find out how Medical Rep Professionals Partner Model helps keep you connected to your client. 

  • Expedient Payment

    At Medical Rep Professionals, we value how hard you have worked to close each sale. As a measure of trust and partnership, we expedite the accurate calculation and delivery of all commissions. We believe in building trust and that requires transparency and a commitment to provide what our Partners have earned, as soon as possible. Discover the difference that Medical Rep Professionals Partners experience.