Dermlite Lumio® 2

Dermlite Lumio® 2

Dermlite Lumio®

Dermlite Lumio®

DermLite DL200

10 Year Manufactures Warranty, Parts and Labor.

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The all-new DermLite DL200 pocket dermatoscope succeeds & exceeds the successful DL2 series – in every way. In its beautifully ergonomic, easy-to-clean metal body, DL200 adopts the optical system from the DL2, integrates an innovative, super-quick, retractable spacer mechanism with precise focusing, IceCap™ (infection control caps) compatibility, a much longer battery life, integrated MagnetiConnect™ smartphone connectivity, and, in this Hybrid model, your choice of polarized & non-polarized modalities, all in one beautifully designed unit.

The DL200 Hybrid combines polarized & non-polarized lighting so that you can visualize pigment and vascular structures with or without immersion fluids. For the all-polarized model, consider the DermLite DL200 HR.

Key benefits:

  • Toggle between polarized & non-polarized
  • Contact & non-contact dermoscopy plus removable snap-on glass contact plate
  • Compact, ergonomic design
  • Mobile device-compatible
  • >20% more life on a charge than DL2
  • Four-level charge indicator
  • Automatic shutoff to save battery life
  • Glass contact plate with 10 mm reticule

Each unit comes with 3Gen's 10-year warranty and includes a USB charging cable, Clear Cover and lanyard, and a sample supply of IceCap infection control caps.


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