DARWIN - PROPLATE Adult/Cloth/Split/Uncorded Electrosurgical Grounding Plate 5pcs

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DARWIN - PROPLATE Adult Electrosurgical Grounding Plate

Minimizes Risk of pad site burns
PROPLATE ESU pads are designed and manufactured using an advanced gel overlay system to reduce the possibility of edge burn or bite.

The advanced gel of PROPLATE will provide you with benefits of improved conductivity, lower skin resistance, residue-free, and minimized risk of pad site burn.

Standard / Horizontal Type

Optimal Adhesive Strength
With advanced technology, we improve the adhesion between the skin and itself.

Lower Impedance
With optimal Hydro-Gel, it can maintain high current density.

Well made Hydro-Gel Plate provides you with the best performance without the gel mess.

Solid adult return electrodes (grounding pads), no cable, designed to be used in electrosurgical procedures.

For more information on the PROPLATE Electrosurgical Grounding Pad, call (435) 731-8232 and speak with an MRP representative today.


  • (5x) DARWIN PROPLATE Electrosurgical Grounding Plates Adult/Cloth/Split/Uncorded


  • Mfr Date: 14/04/2021
  • Manufacturer: Bovie Medical
  • Exp: 04/14/2024
  • Dimensions: 180x120mm

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The DARWIN multi-modality workstation offers a complete selection of complementary handpieces to suit your business needs.  Expand your system at any time by simply plugging in a new handpiece. With over 40 treatment applications this convenient and versatile system empowers users to create combinations targeting multiple layers of the skin for superior results. Improve and enhance how your patients look and feel with multiple gold-standard technologies in just one device.





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