Luvo Lucent & IPL Lasers

Lucent IPL Laser from Luvo

IPL technology has the power to enhance your patient’s natural beauty and address common skin flaws such as age spots, acne, and uneven skin tone. 

The convenient and versatile Lucent professional IPL machine from Luvo offers medical practices a variety of aesthetic and dermatological applications with just one device.. 

The Lucent IPL photofacial machine from Luvo also includes seven interchangeable expert filters for a broad range of photorejuvenation treatments, four advanced pulse modes for safe, effective, and comfortable treatments..

The Lucent IPL laser machine features a large 15 mm x 40 mm spot size to shorten treatment times for patient and operator convenience. Built-in presets allow practitioners to start treating patients without complicated configurations. 

Enjoy state-of-the-art photorejuvenation treatments with an IPL device that offers consistent and lasting results, great patient safety and comfort, and convenience for the operator. Invest in the Lucent IPL laser from Luvo or browse our collection of IPL lasers today!

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What is an IPL laser used for?

IPL lasers are designed for skin photorejuvenation treatments. Patients wanting to reduce the signs of aging or remove unwanted hair, but without the hassle of more invasive cosmetic treatments are typically seeking IPL treatments. Besides hair removal, IPL lasers can support a wide range of photorejuvenation treatments like fine lines and superficial wrinkles, pigmented lesions, telangiectasias, and more - all aimed at improving the appearance of skin.

With so many applications, the IPL hair removal system is a highly versatile device that is a must for most aesthetic businesses.

How does an IPL laser work?

IPL technology delivers photo rejuvenation and energy at different wavelengths to address numerous aesthetic and dermatology needs. The depth of penetration varies according to the wavelength utilized. The longer the wavelength, the greater the penetration depth. Unlike ordinary lasers, an IPL hair removal device can utilize several wavelengths of intense pulsed light to address different skin conditions. This is why an IPL device can address multiple skin conditions at once, and reduce the number of treatments your patients may need.


What are the benefits of purchasing a new IPL laser?

Buying a brand-new IPL laser hair removal system enables practitioners to offer a wide range of effective anti-aging treatments utilizing the latest technology advancements and features. The moment you buy, you gain access to the manufacturer’s full warranty, which typically includes servicing, clinical training and support to ensure your can successfully integrate your new device into your aesthetic business.

What are the benefits of purchasing a used IPL laser?

Used lasers for sale can also be purchased through MRP. Savvy aesthetic business owners can safely purchase quality equipment at an affordable price and save as much as 50%. MRP has a rigorous vetting process for all its used products. We do the quality control for you! 

Can I trade my IPL laser?

Trading your IPL laser is also possible if you are considering an upgrade or have no more usage for your existing one. Getting cash for your original investment gives you the opportunity to put those funds toward an upgraded device..

MRP accepts most traded lasers. Speak with an MRP expert to get a fair quotation, as some models and makes are worth more than others. The condition of your laser will also influence its trade-in value.

How can I sell my IPL laser?

Selling your laser with MRP could not be easier. All you have to do is call the MRP team at (435) 731-8232 and tell us about the current condition of your laser, its make, model, and year. Our team will assess your used laser and send you an offer. You are under no obligation to accept this offer.

I bought an IPL laser, how will it be delivered?

Delivery times vary based on location. However, MRP always aims to achieve fast delivery without any delays. We carefully prepare and pack your laser to lower the chances of damage during transit. You’ll also be able to track your order via the MRP platform.

How can I track my order?

If you want to know where your order is, track your order live on the MRP website. Simply enter your last name and the email address associated with your order, and the system will automatically look up your order.

Customers who experience problems finding their orders can get in touch with an MRP representative for additional help. 

Do you offer a warranty?

All lasers have a warranty attached that covers the repair, replacement, and refund of any laser purchased through MRP. Unlike other vendors, MRP’s used products also come with warranties. Each warranty on a used product has been customized. Contact MRP to learn more about how our warranties work.

Why MRP?

MRP is the first vertically integrated online marketplace with the largest selection of new and pre-owned energy-based devices. Users can buy, sell and trade-in their aesthetic devices with transparency, trust and velocity while accessing our online network for full clinical training, education, marketing and service support.

MRP lowers your total cost of ownership by offering:

  • Independent consultation and solutions based on your needs
  • Certified device technicians for repairs
  • We buy and trade your unused, broken and overstock devices and parts 
  • We sell all:: Shop New and used models. Find the solutions that is right for you
  • Transparent pricing. All listing have published prices
  • Transparency and trust during the buying and selling process
  • Friendly customer service
  • No service contracts. We service when needed. 
  • No recertification fees
  • We bring the best OEM manufacturers directly to you, eliminating sales reps..
  • Fast delivery and turnaround times

MRP is more than a marketplace — we also provide opportunities for professional networking, online education, and the latest industry news.

Service & Repair

Experiencing problems with your device can be disappointing for you and your clients. MRP understands the importance of getting you back to work as soon as possible. This is why we have an in-house service team that can help diagnose and resolve problems via phone, live video-chat, and via deployed technicians on the ground, if needed.

Education & Training

Continue your professional development by learning new treatments and studying the latest techniques without returning to school. MRP offers a continuous education and training program of podcast and video tutorials you can jump into whenever you want.

News & Events

Find out what’s happening in your industry with the MRP news stream. Learn about the latest developments and sign up for events that help you connect with other professionals in your field.

Product Service & Support

We provide support for all new and second-hand products purchased through the MRP marketplace. If you have any questions regarding how to use your equipment or need advice on which piece of equipment makes sense for you, contact an MRP industry expert. We are available during business hours over the phone and via email. If you need a quick answer, ask our friendly MRP chatbot, available 24/7.