Acu-Evac IE Wall Mount Starter Package

Acu-Evac IE Wall Mount Starter Package

Acu-Evac IE Cart Mount Starter Package

Acu-Evac IE Cart Mount Starter Package

Acu-Evac II Wall Mount Starter Package

Acu-Evac II Surgical Smoke Evacuator Wall Mount Starter Package
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Acu-Evac II Wall Mount Starter Package, including: Acu-Evac II Smoke Evacuator Unit, Wall Mount Bracket, Main Filter (M-1), Hose, and 5 TX Nozzles. M-1 Filter Life = 16 procedural hours.

Acuderm's all purpose surgical smoke evacuator in a wall mount starter package. Includes Acu-Evac II, wall mount bracket, Main Filter (M-1) and 5 TX Nozzles. Suitable for use with CO2, Erbium, hair removal and other laser or electrosurgical units in open procedures. Weight 16.5 lbs. Available in 110 or 220 volt models.

Boom arm not included.

2 year warranty.


Collection Nozzle:
Patented 3-inch Clear Hyperbolic Horn with 1.3 inch I.D.

Coefficient of Entry:

Loss, Fraction of Velocity Head:

Air Volume (Model II):
Air Velocity: 64+CFM >11,000 FPM

Field of Collection: Convenience Features:
For maximum collection, hold within 3 inches

Convenience Features:
Front end filter loads within seconds, rotary variable air flow dial, variety of mounting options

Main Filter:
ULPA/Carbon filter, rated at 99.99997% at 0.01 micron and MPPS 0.12 micron

Sealed, closed system

Filter Life Monitors:
Electronic timer - 16 hours, PLUS low flow sensor/full filter alert

110 -120V 50/60 Hz at 4.0 amps or 220 - 240V 50/60 Hz at 3.0 amps

Motor (Model II):

Static Suction (Model II):
52 inches H2O




Cabinet Depth:
6.5 inches

Cabinet Height:
15.5 inches

Cabinet Width:
11.5 inches

16.5 lbs.

Footprint (with cart):
16 inches Width X 19.5 inches Depth X 44.5 inches Height

8 ft. hospital grade

Type BF Class 1

UL2601-1, 2nd Edition, CAN/CSA C22.2 Standard 601.1-M90, CE Certified (220-240V Models)

2 years (parts & labor)

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